Love is more precious than gold...

Don't laugh but I'm that girl you see rocking out in her car and doesn't realize anyone is watching. These days it has been Chris Stapleton's new song, Millionaire. I seriously can't listen to it enough. I agree with the lyrics deep in my soul... They say "Love is more precious than gold" Can't be bought and it can't be sold. I got love, enough to spare. That makes me a millionaire. 

I get pure joy out of loving others... for me life is about LOVE! Loving myself, loving others. Speaking of love, I am currently sketching out cookies for Valentines Day. My sweet friend Stacy from The Cookie Monger will be making them for me. I get a kick out of surprising people with sweet treats and of course flowers on Valentines Day! I love that she takes my sketches and makes them look like sugar masterpieces.  She is truly a talented artist when it comes to anything sweet. (I will share pics upon delivery, keep your eyes peeled come Valentines Day.) But for a fun treat even the kids can make try these little cuties at home. 

I found these super cute Organic Crab Apples the other day and suddenly got a craving for salted caramel apples... Yum. So a snagged a bag. I got them home and pulled out my jar of salted caramel sauce, grey celtic sea salt and some wooden skewers and dipped away. Super cute and easy. Have fun. (I cored out the seeds from the bottom so the skewer on top still held and they were easy to just pop in your mouth).