Baby Announcement "Im going to be a Grandma"

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So it’s Christmas Eve 2018, we have just finished a big Christmas eve dinner. My oldest son and his girlfriend are here, I just love it when he comes over. It’s hard when you don’t get to see your kids that often. He only lives about 15 miles from me, but he is 28 and working on his career and making a life for himself…. however, I can usually get him to come over if a good meal is on the table. Wink Wink. Ok back to the point!

So as I get up to go get dessert Amber and Tyler tell me to sit back down, they have a present for me to open! Now mind you, these two are full of practical jokes, so you never know… I get handed a yellow box with a cute white ribbon and when I open it, to my surprise there is a pee stick (pregnancy test) and a note that says, “Are you ready to be a grandma?” OH MY GOSH!!!! Ok so many things running through my heady that moment, and the first thing that blurts out of my mouth, “Oh you two are so full of it!” They both say no its real this time, we really are. I of course dont believe them, but then they pull out the doctor report and it’s official!… my first born, my baby, he is going to have a baby!!! I seriously can not believe it. I am over the moon! I can’t believe we will have a new family member. I can’t believe my son will be a father! He is going to be an amazing dad! I love Amber and can’t wait to see them parent together. They are a loving couple, who laugh a lot together, work out together, plan together, play together and I look forward to watching them raise a little person together.

I had so much fun capturing this big news in our family and well as you all know I love pictures, love to tell a story through them and love the way they make me feel. I hope you enjoy scrolling through them and that they reflect all the love and joy that we feel! I am going to try t document it all and gift them an amazing book of all this adventure has!