Easter Traditions

One thing I love about holidays is it brings everyone together. I have many fond memories of my childhood around Easter time. Lots of family, great food and fun hunting for the eggs. Over the years our traditions have changed, but I hope I have made some lasting memories for my kids as well.

Spring is one of my favorite times of year and I usually go all out for Easter, pony rides, petting zoo’s and hundreds of eggs to find, but as my kids have gotten older I definitely slimmed things down a bit. Some traditions have stuck no matter the age, we still go to church, get everyone together and have a great time usually centered around great food. Of course I still like to give everyone easter baskets with something sweet and something they like in it. I always hide a golden egg. It includes either a golden rubber Duckie or money. This might last with my 12 year old through his teens if I keep the money part… wink wink

Now that I am going to be a grandma (eek, did I really say that!) this year, the bug for all the fun kids activities are coming back! I am really looking forward to cute easter outfits, bunny ears, pony rides, petting zoo’s, lots of kids and of course tons of hidden eggs, baskets, bubbles and kid games. As our family is growing and ever changing I am looking forward to all the fun seasons. Life is so full of great adventures , lots of love, joy and happiness if I am just willing to soak it all up!

This year we won’t be home for Easter so we had a small celebration early with Amber (my sons girlfriend) and her sister Elle. It was my first time meeting Elle and her family. She has two daughters Emma and Madeline and her husband is Marcos. (Such a small world, as Marcos and his father in law I found out had done some construction upgrades at my house about 2 years ago.) Who would have guessed our families would collide again in this way. Oh and they did a fabulous job, my backyard looks fabulous!

I had so much fun making lots of sweets, filling eggs, hiding them and seeing the girls light up over their baskets. It brought lots of joy seeing them run around finding eggs, sharing when one found more than the other and playing the sack race game. It felt really good to listen to small giggles, see puppies running around and just listening to the girls tell me all about the things they like. They were both so cute! There is something about kids that just keeps us young at heart! I love it.

This Easter we are at the coast, I love our church down there and I’m looking forward to the service, seeing our friends there and enjoying a great Easter meal, watching the big kids play basketball and skateboard out front. We will watch the sunset and enjoy a bon fire for sure!. This year I will be making a fun spring cheese board and adding some Lori Stern flair to it, some lamb chops, scalloped potatoes, a sweet potato/cauliflower salad and for dessert I am trying out a new recipe of a lemon curd pavlova!!! I will link the recipes and a free printable Easter Menu below, it’s a cute addition to your table decor. I’ll add mine if you want to try out the recipes and then I’ll include a blank one for your own Easter Meal traditions.

Whatever you do, I hope you embrace the moments, take in all the love and most of all have fun enjoying one another. I’d love to hear about any traditions you may have. I’m always up for adding new things to life.

Ok here are your recipes, Spring Cheese Board, Lamb Chops, Scallop Potatoes, Sweet potato/cauliflower salad, Mini Lemon Curd Pavlova’s. Here is the Easter Menu I will be using, and here is the Blank Menu.

I included some pictures of our pre Easter celebration with the girls. Hope it can inspire some of your own easter fun!