Little Sis has a baby bump....

So I can't believe my little sister is finally having a baby! The sister that swore she would never have kids, is pregnant!!! Eeeek! The whole family is over the moon about it. It's such an exciting time. What is better than the anticipation of a new family member... but let me back up a bit.

So, I feel like so much has happened in the last 2 years. My sister got married to her now wonderful and talented husband Nate Jester on 9/5/2015. Angie had an amazing wedding (one I will never forget). We had so much fun dress shopping and planning out her big day. They were married in San Diego, (where Angie is from), but shortly after she moved to Seattle Washington to be with her hubby and her new step son, Brecken.

A few months later they bought a house. I think back to that event, it was such a fun time visiting Seattle for the first time and seeing her very first place! Of course helping decorate (did I mention I love couch shopping) didn't hurt either.  There was an extra room and we all wondered if there would be an addition some day. Hee, Hee.... Then came the phone call last summer, guess what we are pregnant!!!.

So as the big sister I get to help with the fun stuff, like decorating the baby's room. Picking out cute outfits and holding him until he cry's, then I get to hand him back... I get to be the fun auntie who gets to spoil him. Can't wait, and wait I did not... So this past week I got to go visit Seattle again and see the whole clan. I was excited because she finally has a bump big enough to photograph. Can I just say pregnancy looks soo good on her. She is carrying a little boy named Jett and right now he looks like a basketball. So proud of her, she has worked out so hard and eaten super clean. Did all of her due diligence on what was healthy for baby and what wasn't. Truth be told, I think she did better than I did. She has been so disciplined, lucky baby.... I think it is so great that there will be a younger brother for Brecken. He will be an amazing big brother. 

Well the visit was a blast. Seattle has great shopping and well you put two sisters together to shop and lets just say we had a blast... But the baby's room is done, mission accomplished. We are all ready for Mr. Jett to arrive.  Clothes are all washed and folded and crib is ready. Pictures are hung and the rocking chair and rugs are in. The room is blue and orange and has leather and gold accents and lots of cute baby animals... (I will share pictures of the room once baby Jett is in it.) 

For now I will share pictures of this cute family on the day this adventure began (her wedding day) and pictures of them and her bump now! Wow has life changed, but they are both still cute as a button. 

Love you little sis and I love your growing little family. I am such a proud big sis...(You may be taller, but I will always be older. hey, not sure that is a good thing, chuckles) 


And some maternity photos to enjoy: